Project Definition


A variety of web resources exist on the Mullan Military Road. However, no online, interactive map exists which depicts the roads original location. Various  types on location work have been done on portions of the road, but nothing has been done to integrate and compile these efforts in a manner that is readily available to the public. The tools currently exist to create an online map that integrates these earlier efforts. It could also be edited and maintained to account for future location work. Various web tools could also be used to compliment this map and enhance the educational experience for the user.

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The Purpose (Mission)

  • Produce an online, interactive map of the Mullan Road
  • Produce a Google Earth "Fly Through" of the Mullan Road
  • Track this work with a Project Wiki

These are the targets we want to meet

  • Produce a presentation of Various Web Resources on the Mullan Road
  • Create a interactive KML piece on the Mullan Road for Google Earth Gallery
  • Catalogue various web content on the Mullan Road
  • Integrate various multimedia content into the kml presentation
  • Adapt the kml piece for mobile usage

How the Mullan Road effort will gain.

  • Compile existing organizational work on the Mullan Road.
  • Compile existing web resources on the Mullan Road.
  • Make this content readily available for education, public awareness, and tourism.
  • Provide a "proof of content" piece for possible future grants and funding.


The objective of this project is to use a variety of free internet tools and proven GPS technology to demonstrate their effectiveness in speeding the mapping process with no degradation in results. Various Google offerings will be at the heart of this process. Playing the central role will be Google Earth and Google Maps. A second goal will be to demonstrate that these tools would be fairly intuitive to gasp by members that are interested in participating in the mapping project. 

Measurable Objectives:

  1. Presentation on Web Resources at Mullan Days - Fort Benton - May 2010
  2. KML piece on Google Earth Gallery for continuing education, public awareness, and tourism.
  3. Project wiki for ongoing location documentation


This is a "proof of concept" project. All current team members are experienced, familiar, or interested in the software and technology proposed for use. There are no costs being proposed for OCTA. The results will be a piece that can be analyzed and judged for it's effectiveness. It also can be expanded on, adapted, or edited for future use or other purposes. 

MET Handbook 

MET (Mapping Emigrant Trails) and COED (Census of Overland Emigrant Documents) form the foudation of OCTA's work in the area of emigrant trail research. This document is meant to aid and instruct professionals and volunteers in the standards and procedures of tail location and documentation.