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A Bit of Background

posted Apr 5, 2010, 10:18 AM by Ron Hall
Over the past year I have developed an interest in using Google Earth to help showcase and raise awareness about the National Trail System in general and our historic pioneer trails in particular. About a year ago I (Ron Hall) put together a pilot piece for display in Google Earth on the Nez Perce Historic Trail. I contacted the Nez Perce Trail Foundation to let them know about it. They liked it and made it possible for me to showcase it at the annual National Historic Trails Conference, held in Missoula last year. I dropped in, did the demonstration, checked out the various trail exhibits and came away with a new impression of the National Trails System.

Living in the Pacific Northwest, the grandaddy of all emigrant trails for this region is the Oregon Trail - the Route 66 of the 1800's. I stared checking out the web presence of the Trail and found that there was very little in the way of interactive internet mapping on the trail. I did find that OCTA - the Oregon California Trail Association was one of the most prominent promoters of the trail. They had also done an interactive Flash (type of web software used to make it) map of the trail. So I decided to reach out  (via the web of course) to the OCTA.