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Google Earth at Walla Walla Conference

posted Apr 20, 2012, 5:27 AM by Ron Hall
Attended the 2012 Mullan Road conference in Walla Walla and saw David Polk's presentation on "Mapping the Mullan Road in Walla Walla County" - it was superb. 

One of the reasons why I was interested was because it employed the use of Google Earth - which I also demonstrating at the conference. I had presented a Google Earth "fly-through" at the 2010 Mullan Road Conference in Fort Benton, Montana. I expressed the idea then that this might be a way/technology to help pin down the general location of the work and share with others - for a wide variety of uses. To see someone actively (and accurately) doing this was great! 

Hope to "chain" together this work with that of several other people I met at the conference (Mahlon Kriebel's work on the Wright campaign and Bob Dunsmore work in the Silver Valley region of Idaho) that is not in Google Earth. Idea is to start piecing the road together, and use web based tools to do it.

I set the "Locate the Mullan Road" website up up 2 years ago to help host material for my presentation at Fort Benton and the Google Earth content piece that is up on the web/Google Earth Gallery. I included a forum to see if I could engage others - David has posted at the forum about his work - check it out - (means you might have to join to post a reply).