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Mullan Statute - St Maries, Idaho

posted Feb 19, 2013, 7:48 AM by Ron Hall   [ updated Feb 20, 2013, 6:49 AM ]
When I first started this project with Bill Youngs almost 3 years ago, I located all the Mullan Statutes I could find in Google Earth and took pictures of them on my trip over (and back) to Fort Benton, MT so that I could include images of them in the Google Earth piece that is available for viewing at the Google Earth Gallery.

At the conference that year I heard about another statute that marked a point near the location of the initial southern portion of the road ... around the south end of Lake Coeur d"Alene - in what is now St Maries, Idaho. Try as I could, I could not locate the statute in Google Earth/Streetview - my tools of choice for this type of remote work. I could also not locate a picture of the statute via Google image search.

With the conference coming around again this year, and favorable February weather, I decided to use this as an excuse for a "Sunday excursion" for Lisa (my wife) and I. We traveled down to St Maries (about 60 miles SE of Spokane) and drove directly up on the marker of the main road (Idaho 28) at the east entrance to town.

It is located on a knoll in Mullan Park - at the entrance to the county fairgrounds. There is a gazebo (with interpretative signage on the logging industry in St Maries) and some informative Mullan Road signage. There is also an example of a "steam donkey" in the park - machined used for logging.

After a quick tour of St Maries - the county seat - some pictures at the Hughes House - we headed back to Heyburn State Park about 7 miles west of St Maries. There we walked the "Trail of the Coeur d'Alenes" rail trail - crossing the lake on what was once the old rail road crossing. You get an up close look at the old rotating bridge which was incorporated into the rail trail. It was a great way to "stretch the legs" in February.

We were back in Spokane for a late afternoon lunch ... which included a leisurely drive through the rolling hills of the eastern Palouse, and a stop at the old country store in Rockford, WA. 

If you are curious about the location of the statute, I just updated the Google Earth piece.