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Pioneer Trails Mapping

posted Apr 5, 2010, 10:41 AM by Ron Hall
Last fall (2009) I sent an email to Travis Boley, explaining that I thought Google Earth (and other Google offerings) might help in the OCTA's mission to increase trail awareness. I asked if the association was interested in looking into it/hearing more about it. Got a nice email back expressing interest, suggesting a phone conversation. We talked and we both thought it was worth pursuing.

It worked out that the the Northwest Chapter (my area) of the OCTA was one of the more active chapters in the organization with regards to mapping the trail and working on the possibilities of using the web to raise awareness. Travis suggested I contact Marley Shurtleff. I exchanged a few explanatory emails with her, piqued her interest, and she steered me to Dave Welch (also in the Northwest Chapter) who heads p the mapping effort. I exchanged emails with Dave, and we had a good phone conversation.

Dave brought me up to speed on many aspects of the history and process of the mapping effort. It might not be everybody's cup of tea, but I found it all very interesting. Dave and I live on opposite sides of the state of Washington (about 300 miles apart) but felt the discussion was worth continuing. What would be best for Dave would be a demo of some of the things I was talking about. Told Dave I would be over in Seattle area presenting at a conference in early March, he was available and we set up a date.