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Taking the Mullan Road to the Conference

posted May 18, 2010, 1:57 PM by Ron Hall
When I was asked to do a 3D fly through of the eastern portion of the Mullan Road for the conference I had no idea of the actual location of the road - so that is one of the reasons why I set up this website. I wanted to approach the process of locating the road in a logical manner, be able to modify and edit my efforts, respond to contributions from others, and document my process. The net result was that I learned more about the Mullan Road in general and it's eastern portions in particular. I did this all via the internet.

Now the fun part - verification. 

I intend to take the "general" route of the Mullan from my home outside Spokane to the conference in Fort Benton, MT. While I could describe it here, you can look at it in the interactive maps of this website. This will take me through some beautiful areas of Montana I have never seen, allow me to take a few pictures for my presentation, and give me a general sense of the roads topography. See you there. I will be the guy with the big smile.