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April 5, 2012 Ron 10 Update Website to reflect work in last 2 years 
April 2, 2012 Ron 10 Update Google Earth Mullan Road route to reflect Raymond Borchers work 
May 23, 2010 Ron Update spreadsheet/wiki with Mullan statutes/pictures from trip home 
May 20, 2010 Ron Take pictures of Mullan Statutes - Update spreadsheet/wiki 
May 17, 2010 Ron 1.5 Work on kml presentation - fly through 
May 13, 2010 Bill and Ron Meeting - working on session content 
May 12, 2010 Ron Update interactive map at wiki to reflect road directions from Ken Robison, add some images from Bill's EWU Road Trip 
May 11, 2010 Bill and Ron 1.5 Meeting - discussing Mullan conference presentation - link to conference website agenda page 
May 10, 2010 Bill and Ron 1.5 Meeting - planning Conference session strategy - Eastern Region Update 
May 9, 2010 Ron .5 Miscellaneous site editing - add conference logo to kml work 
May 7, 2010 Bill and Ron Meeting (Petra sits in) - discuss conference presentation - muliimedia possibilities 
April 28, 2010 Ron 2.5 Add more WA State markers per email from Larry Cebula. Add link to WSU map archive interactive map. Update Montana section of Google earth presentation. Talk with Terry Darby - Superintendent of Whitman Mission. 
April 18, 2010 Ron Work on Wiki - project definition. Update .kml spreadsheet with marker and statue locations, add interactive Google Earth Map map 
April 13, 2010 Ron 2.5 Locating Mullan Statutes and Road markers in Idaho and Montana via Google Earth - Streetview - also researching road segments in Montana listed on Historic Register 
April 12, 2010 Ron 2.5 Locating Mullan Statutes and Road markers in Idaho and Montana via Google Earth - Streetview 
April 7, 2010 Ron Working on Project Definition 
April 6, 2010 Ron Set up Google Group, Hook up Google Analytics to Project Wiki 
April 6, 2010 Ron Working on Wiki, Working on kml spreadsheet for Google Earth 
April 5, 2010 Ron 5.5 Working on project Wiki - downloading GIS data from Dr. Warren 
April 2, 2010 Ron .5 Email exchange Dr. Warren - she has existing GIS data on trail 
April 1, 2010 Ron .25 Email Dr Stacy Warren - EWU - inquiry about existing GIS Data 
March 31, 2010 Bill and Ron 1.5 Meeting - explore interest, contact Ken Robison, review maps 
Showing 22 items